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Dress Codes: Gain or Grain On Nigeria’s Economy?

Gain or drain
Written by Jambito

Dress Codes: Gain or Grain On Nigeria’s Economy?

How do I look?

Gain or drain

Purple, blue, sky blue, orange, white background, yellow top, milk color  etc.

The list of exotic colour combinations read the air when it comes to modern dress codes.

What, in earnest, is the take when consumer join the “ FRAY  “?  Let us examine their reactions further.

Before now, dress codes in rural Nigeria were limited to village social gatherings such as marriages, funeral rites, chieftaincy celebration and sundry such activities.

Then bale of clothing material were procured and handed over to designated local tailors or seamstress for mass production.

Such ventures ensured that prescribed colors, trimmings and designs were used.

Men and women would toil and labour to contribute funds so as not to be left out in the fad.

Non-compliance would mean that the defaulter was a social misfit and not worthy of any recognition and respect.

Thus, monies that could have been directed to other viable economic endeavor are frittered these “uniform and compulsory” dress code.

Modern Nigeria with the increase of white collar jobs has raised the stakes of dress codes higher, Needless mentioning the stress on corporate dressing by either sex within and outside offices

. Most workers in Nigeria utilize sizeable chunk of their earning in the procurement of textile which “fit” their job pursuits and retention.

Several millions of hard earned naira are also splashed on almost or all marriage ceremonies, house warming, political gatherings, funeral undertaking and like in procurement of dress codes of various colors shapes and sizes.

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One needs not appear in any of these ceremonies if he is unable to put on the prescribed dress code.

The insistence on particular dress code, the practice now prevalent in Nigeria, is indeed a drain on the economic enhancement of Nigeria.

Simple and neat dressing nor obedient to institutionalized dress codes shall indeed be of immense benefit to Nigeria’s economy.

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