Independence Novel Summary

Jamb independence
Written by Jambito

Independence novel summary

Ajayi Tayo was a secondary school student who got an admission to study at Baliol university, Oxford . Before he left, he paid pleasantries to his family members and well wishers .He also left behind his childhood love, Modupe.

He sailed on the Aureol (a ship) to England. On arrival at Oxford ,he wrote letters to his father back at Ibadan telling him about his journey and the dignitaries he had encountered since his arrival and his father(baba) was delighted about his well being.


Tayo then meet his high school principal (Mr.Faircliff) old friend Mr.Barker . Mr. barker was a history do at St. John. He meet three other Nigerians at the university, Bolaji ,Ike , and Christine. He dated Christine for sometime then broke up due to some arguments.

At the weekly West African Society meetings, Tayo met a beautiful English girl called Vanessa Richardson. She was a student from a neighboring campus. Tayo and Vanessa had a relationship.

During a vacation to France, Tayo receive a call from a friend back at oxford with the news that Christine was dead,she committed sucide .Tayo was sad and felt guilty for the death of Christine.

Tayo visited his cousin Tunde house at Yorkshire which they shared with some other Nigerians. During his visit they threw a party at the house .

The party was crashed by some thugs and a fight broke out. The police arrived and Tayo , Tunde , and Yusuf(a Nigerian at the house) was arrested. They where bailed by their neighbors,  Mr and Mrs Winter.


He was invited to give a lecture on “Nigeria” to students of Bellamy Boys School by Mr.Richardson (Vanessa father) . At the end of the lecture, Vanessas father called him and told him that he was not in support of his relationship with his daughter.

Tayo received a telegram from Ibadan telling him his father was ill and he should return home .On getting home , his father was recovering , his favorite uncle Bola has given up drinking and his siblings now look different.

He tried writing to Vanessa during his arrival but could not because of his tight schedule. He finally gets to her and she has the intention of visiting Nigeria.

Before  her visit, Tayo had gotten another lady pregnant and when Vanessa found out  she was angry and left Tayo.

Tayo eventually married Miriam and they had a daughter Kemi while Vanessa pursues her dream of becoming an African writer,vanessa adopted the son(suleiman) of a friend(salamatou) who died in a motor accident  in Dakar,Senegal and Tayo becomes a professor in the university at Jos.




He got in constant quarrels with his wife about relocating to England and eventually, his wife and daughter left him and moved to England.

Tayo refused to  leave Nigeria because he believed he had an important role to play in the restoration of Nigeria. He was threatened to stop writing ill about the government and was once detained.

Then he was invited to England to receive an award for one of his books and he met Vanessa. He found out that she was married to Edward Barker, the old history don at Oxford.

They got in touch an started writing to each other.On his way to England,  was involved in a car accident . His driver(abdou) died but he survived with leg injuries.

He went to America for specialist treatment for his legs and stayed with his daughter kemi. He got a job as  a lecturer in America when he receive a letter saying he had received honours in literature at oxford.

A party was held in Tayos name and his loved ones attended.  Miraim , Kemi ,Suleiman , Uncle Kayode , Vanessa and other well wishers. Tayo and Vanessa had the chance to be together one last time.



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