Major Roles Jamb Independence

Jamb independence
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Major Roles Jamb Independence

Dear prospective JAMBITOS this Role summary of all major characters in the JAMB UTME novel IN DEpendence will help you understand the book  thoroughly. Take your time to read and assimilate each of them. A general summary of the book is HERE.

Jamb independence

TAYO(main):A Nigerian who won a scholarship to Baliol Oxford. Dated Christine and Vanessa. Married Miriam and father to Kemi . Professor and writer.

VANESSA:A British  student at Oxford, dated Tayo and married Mr Barker . Step mother to Suleiman. writes about Africa ,lived at Senegal.

MAMA: Tayo’s mother .Sent telegram to Tayo for his return during his father recovery .Died in motor accident.

BABA: Tayo’s father. Drove Tayo and other members of his family to Lagos. Dedicated civil servant and always hope for a better Nigeria.

UNCLE BOLA: Tayo’s favorite uncle. Loved women and had many wives and mistresses .Was a drunkard but gave up drink before Tayo’s return.

MODUPE: Tayo’s childhood love but married before Tayo’s return.

FAIRCLIFF: Tayo’s old headmaster and friend of Mr. Barker.

UNCLE KAYODE: Tayo’s uncle. Married Helene .Was in the military but later trained in France for petroleum. Has a large house at Ikorodu , Lagos.

BARKER: Old history Don at Oxford .Married Vanessa and step father to Suleiman.

CHRISTINE: Nigerian at Oxford .Considered arrogant by students, dated  Tayo. Committed suicide by drug overdose.


JANE: Vanessa friend who exchange letters.

IKE: Nigerian student at Oxford and friend to Tayo.

BOLAJI: Nigerian student at Oxford and friend to Tayo.

SIMON: British student at Oxford and friend of Tayo.

TUNDE: Tayos cousin and student at Bradford. Housed Tayo during his visit to Bradford and was locked up after a fight.

YUSUF: Nigerian student at Bradford and house mate to Tunde and married Joy.

JOYCE: Yusuf white girlfriend  who made a scene at Yusuf wedding.

JOY: Yusuf Nigerian wife.

SAMIR: Friend to Tunde and works at the bakery at Bradford.

MR&MRS WINTER: Neighbor of Tunde. And bailed Tunde, Tayo and Yusuf.

MR RICHARDSON: Vanessa racist father. disapproved the relationship between  Tayo and Vanessa.

MRS RICHCARDSON: Vanessa mother who was kind and died of cancer.

SALAMATOU: Vanessa friend at Senegal and suleiman’s mother. Died in a motor accident.

MIRIAM: Tayo’s wife and kemi’s mother. Divorced with Tayo after his refusal to live his country and left with kemi to England.

KEMI: Tayo’s daughter, resides in America and housed Tayo during  his treatment at America.

SULEIMAN: Vanessa stepson who left school and went back to Senegal.

KWAME: Tayo’s neighbor and fellow professor at Jos.

DAVID: Tayo’s neighbor and fellow professor at Jos.

HELENE: Uncle Kayode’s wife . She is French and an Art  enthusiast.

ABDOU: Tayo’s driver and died in a motor accident.

HAWA: Tayo friend after Miriam departure.

UNCLE TONY: Vanessa Uncle and a member of ISIS. He was a school dropout.

These are the main characters and their most significant roles played in the official JAMB UTME Novel IN DEPENDENCE



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