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National Conference Minus Youths

Nigerian national conference 2014
Written by Jambito

National Conference Minus Youths

In 1914, by executive fiat, late Lord Frederick Lugard, a Briton who was then a colonial administrator, amalgamated the southern and northern protectorates of the various loose and separate communities into one and called same Nigeria.

Nigerian national conference 2014

This it was believed was for administrative convenience. However, this assertion has largely come to be viewed by many as unlikely.

They say that It was to enable the colonial master tap the newly discovered oil wells and several minerals and agricultural potentials in the Niger Delta for the development of the entire country irrespective of the government pyramid, sacks of cocoa and tonnes of coal available elsewhere.

Nevertheless, one of the greatest sore that festered from the amalgamation is the joining of desperate entitles together.

The ethno-cultural, religions and social values displayed by the components parts of their emerging country was to paid vent in mutual suspicion, uneven development, unbridled hatred and various other vices.

A conference was held both in Nigeria and London leading to the granting of independence by British administration in 1960 signaled the advert of deep seated animosity inherent in the unseemly and strange bed follows living as Nigeria.

The center could not hold and regional uproar in the west and Northern regions resulted in the aid war fought by the youths and which claimed youthful lives between 1966 to 1970.

The civil war ended but agitation for self determination never receded. There has been inter and intra tribal conflagrations.

Religions uprising and accompanying may have socio-economic vices such as armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual murders gang, rapes etc. the gist, indeed, is long the participants in these acts mentioned above and their harvest are the youths.

But each passing day, the elders mouth continually that the future belongs to the youth. Now, the national conference, one of the many continued by successive administration is supposed to be a gather of delegates to seek oust the solution to the myriads of problems facing the country.

This is with a view to ensuring a secure and virile future of the Nigeria state.
Pray then, of whose greatest interest shall the discussion of a future be if nor those who will inherit and inhabit it?

Here lies the dilemma. If the future truly belongs to the youth as has variously been posited, they of course, ought to be in the majority in a gathering for discussions regarding their future and welfare.

Clogging the conference with persons whose aged are between 65 to 85 years smacks of arrant hypocrisy.

For one it is in conceivable what healthy debate shall a sleeping delegate make to a conference of their enormous importance.

Another reason, is the desirability to discontinue with prejudice amongst the recycled old politician and spend civil sutured civil servants and military personnel.

Indeed, the infusion of fresh blood of between 40 to 60 years of age to the conference will ensure vibrancy, purposefulness and fairness as issues shall be taken and treated dispassionately without remorse to harbor ill-feelings.

All told, it is seriously advocated that a national conference which is there of the bulk of youthful population and representation is like a nation playing its final world cup tie with Germany with its reserve bench.

The results of such a match, without much felling shall be calamitous. May God forbid. 

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