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Rural Development Of Youths With Modern Electronic Devices

Rural development of youths
Written by Jambito

Rural Development Of Youths With Modern Electronic Devices

Ranked as number 8(eight) in the whole world, Nigeria’s rural youth has become infested on both ways with the usage of electronic devices.

Rural development of youths

Oftentimes, youths across the Nigerian state are wont to emulate and inspired by their fortunate counterparts in the urban centers, who may, and have certainly imbibed and experienced the rare of modern electronic gadgets and devices which adorn almost all the available space in developing Nigeria.


The phenomenon above observed is replicated in various sizes forms and representation.


They include: the tracking devices, telephones, computers, close circuit televisions’, I-pads, smart phones, I-pods etcetera; the list goes on and on. Yet, manufactures are at each other’s throat wanting to outdo the other.

However, in the heat of the scramble by these foreign manufacturers and investors, lies the unforeseen consequence for the largely uninformed rural youth of Nigeria.

These gullible mass partake in the hasty rush to acquire whatever there is in the market oblivious or ill luck, lurked therein.


Herein lies the harbinger of improvement in the reverse sense of the word. Witness the unbridled use of photographs, smart phones, hackings and invasion of private lives of unsuspecting citizens.

Added to the above are the prevalent examination malpractices, lie telling, kidnappings and ransom takings.


Just mention one vice. Then the electronic device will be present and domineering.


However, the stories of woes may not pervade without a mention of the successes recorded for the rural youth of Nigeria.

Many, there are, who have earned daily emolument, from the sales of recharge vouchers, information dissemination quick interventions in severe and dire health challenges.

Needles mentioning the fact that most rural Nigerian youths would have taking to serious criminal vices were it not for the introduction of modern electronic devices such as the CCTV’s, smart phones and several used gadgets now found in most nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

All told, the emergence of modern electronic devices may have come first as a blessing, but ultimately turned the rural youth to unintended rural robots without the faintest idea of communal life, with its’ attendant nuances and grimaces. What do you think?

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